Friday, 6 February 2015

Mapping Tyneside Radicalism

The 'Histories of Activism' group is currently putting together a website that maps moments of radical activity that have occurred on Tyneside since the seventeenth century. The project was inspired by our belief that Tyneside’s rich and diverse radical history is only fitfully commemorated in the urban fabric of Newcastle and Gateshead. Mapping Tyneside Radicalism is designed to create a space where academics, researchers and local communities can work together to build a permanent memorial to the region’s tradition of radicalism and activism. 

This interactive website has gathered an archive of historic activism, and it allows users to map this archive on to the modern Tyneside landscape. In preparing this resource, we have drawn on the diverse expertise of the staff members and PhD students who are members of our research group. Every event on the site will come with a short commentary and links to further readings. We therefore hope that this resource will be of considerable use to students, schoolchildren, researchers and many others. The website is currently being developed by the CommunityITAcademy and will go live in May 2015.

We are encouraging members of the public to engage with us in a dialogue about the different dimensions of Tyneside radicalism. If you have an event that you think should be commemorated on this website, then please get in touch with the project coordinator, Dr Joe Hardwick.