Monday, 15 April 2013

Death and Labour Workshop (18 April, Newcastle University)

Our colleagues at Newcastle University are holding a very interesting workshop on 'Death and Labour' this week. The initiative is tied to the 'Labour and Society Research Group', a joint research initiative by Newcastle and Northumbria.

Labour and Society Research Group,

Thursday 18 April, 11am-4pm

Panel one: Burial and Labour (11-12.30)

Felix Schulz: ‘The Flames of the revolution: the funeral and cremation of August Bebel’

Máire Cross: ‘Ideological transmissions in sickness and in death: valedictory treatment of Flora Tristan in Socialist and Feminist History’

Sarah Campbell: ‘Notable Irish republican deaths: bodies, funerals and martyrdom’

1.30-2.30 food

Panel two: Labour Deaths, Labour Martyrs (1.30-3.00)

Martin Farr: ‘ Comparing the deaths of Labour leaders: the cases of John Smith and Hugh Gaitskell’

Matt Perry: ‘The death of Red Ellen: Ellen Wilkinson, obituaries and the making of a Labour martyr’

Chris Bannister: ’Posthumous cult of personality of Buenaventura Durruti’

Keynote (3.00-4.00):

Paul Strangl, Associate Professor, Western Washington University. 

Please contact for further details

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