Tuesday 11 June 2024

Half-day workshop on student activism in British and US history

On Monday 8 July, the Histories of Activism Research Group at Northumbria University is running a small workshop to explore different histories of student activism in the UK and the US. The event is free, but guests are asked to register by emailing Daniel Laqua (daniel.laqua@northumbria.ac.uk) before 5 July. The programme is listed below.


10h30  11h30  Diversity and Difference in UK-Based Student Activism

Ed Anderson (Northumbria) – ‘Rajahs to Revolutionaries: The Politics of Indian Students in Late Colonial Britain’

Jodi Burkett (Portsmouth) – ‘Free Speech, “No Platform” and the Fight against Racism on UK Campuses, c. 1974–1986’


11h40 – 12h40 Ages of Radical Activism in the US

Jack Hodgson (Roehampton) – ‘Pupils’ Strikes and Trade Unionism in Chicago and Pittsburgh Grade Schools, 1900–1913’

Christopher Olewicz (De Montfort) – ‘New Left Intellectuals and Student Protest in the United States’

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